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Salman Sales Academy - 8-week program

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A complete review of strategic prospecting, discovery and deal strategy to help you close more deals and accelerate your Sales career.

An 8-week program taught by Salman, who will walk you through his entire Sales playbook. Starts Thursday, Nov.10th @ 6pm EST

Learn from Salman, who has:

  • 16 years of tech Sales experience all as an individual contributor. I'm in the trenches.
  • I've been in YOUR shoes for all this time - whether as an SDR, Commercial AE or Enterprise AE... and still am
  • Spent the majority of my career at Salesforce and IBM, as well as startups.
  • I've documented my learnings. It's all part of the playbook.
  • I'll be sharing everything. All my Sales tips, strategy, how to find deals, how to navigate deals and ultimately close them. I won't leave anything on the table.
  • Hundreds of Sales folks have reached out to tell me my content has helped them in their Sales roles.
  • My Sales content has helped me grow my Linkedin following from 1,600 to 47,000+ followers in just 14 months.
  • Have been on a dozen Sales podcasts sharing insights, including Andy Paul's Sales Enablement Podcast
  • Also a panelist for John Barrows Sales webinar on Enterprise Sales
  • Find me on Linkedin here:

8-week program structure and full week by week Curriculum below:


  • Strategic prospecting tips
  • How to construct a compelling email to drive attention and meetings
  • How to open and lead an effective cold call
  • 3-step strategic prospecting technique review to helps land meetings with executives
  • How to lead initial calls that focus on the problem vs the solution
  • Effective ways to generate pipeline with prospects and existing customers
  • How to develop a Point of View that will make you come across as a trusted advisor vs a typical "seller"
  • Objection handling
  • A TON more to share


  • How to lead an effective discovery
  • How to uncover challenge and impact
  • My 5-step Discovery framework that leads to effective outcomes
  • The best discovery questions to ask that will have your customer open up and share
  • How to quantify the impact and asking the right questions to uncover it
  • How to get executive alignment
  • How to deal with tough prospects and customers that won’t open up
  • A TON more to share

4) DEMO:

  • How to lead an effective and relevant Demo
  • The best questions to ask in a demo
  • How to deal with questions like, "how much does it cost?" or "can we get a trial?", etc....
  • The art of Storytelling


  • I’ll share all the key items of my playbook, leaving nothing on the table.
  • Pillars of the playbook that you can use in every deal cycle that will increase your close rates
  • How to mitigate risk in your deals
  • How to navigate complex deal cycles large and small accounts
  • Effective ways to multi-thread
  • How to drive alignment across multiple stakeholders and decision makers
  • How to drive executive alignment early in a cycle to increase close rates
  • Effective ways to re-engage customers who are ghosting you
  • How to get deals unstuck and back on track
  • How to effectively uncover the buying and evaluation process of your customer
  • How to come across as a trusted advisor vs a typical "seller"
  • How to get deals unstuck and how to deal with prospects who ghost you
  • Forecast Calls: My forecast call framework on how to clearly articulate each deal so your manager is left feeling confident
  • How to increase quality of your deals vs fluffy deals
  • A TON more to share

Salman Sales Academy - 8-week Sales Playbook cohort, full CURRICULUM:

Week 1

  • Mindset and qualities of top sellers
  • Territory planning - best practices 
  • Prospecting framework

Week 2 - Special guest: Anthony Natoli (Strategic AE, Lattice)

  • Prospecting framework (cont’d)
  • How to build a Point of View
  • Problems, Impact, KPI 
  • How to build an effective cold email and get the attention of executives
  • How to build an effective warm and multi-threading email 
  • Cold calling framework intro

Week 3

  • Cold calling framework (cont’d)
  • Objection handling
  • How to approach a new account
  • How to approach an existing account
  • Top-down vs bottoms-up approach
  • How to uncover big deals
  • What makes a successful SDR <> AE relationship

Week 4

  • 5-step Discovery framework 
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Discovery
  • What do before the Discovery and how to kick it off to build instant credibility
  • Non-interrogative approach, but asking the best questions

Week 5 

  • 5-step Discovery framework (cont’d)
  • How to quantify impact
  • How to deal with tough customers; objection handling
  • Uncovering all the key aspects of a deal in a consultative manner
  • How to conduct Discovery to ensure you have an impactful and relevant Demo
  • Discovery framework summary

Week 6

  • How to lead an effective, impactful and relevant Demo 
  • Do’s and Don’t’s of demos
  • How to tie your Demo directly back to Discovery
  • How to deal with the most common questions (e.g. trial / pilot, pricing, competitive differentiation, etc… how to deal with it)
  • Storytelling in your cycles

Week 7 - Special guest: Nate Nasralla (Founder, Fluint)

  • Deal Strategy 
  • Your biggest competitive differentiation
  • Leveraging your internal team to accelerate your deal
  • What you need to mitigate risk in your deals
  • Multithreading best practices
  • How to deal with RFPs
  • Customer ghosting you? How to deal with it
  • How to sell with buyers, no to them
  • 1 page executive summary and business case
  • How to write effectively in Sales to drive your cycles forward

Week 8 - Special guest: Jen Allen (Chief Evangelist, Challenger)

  • Deal Strategy (cont’d)
  • How to align multiple stakeholders
  • How to lead executive meetings and presentations
  • Business case best practices
  • How to build a Mutual Plan that is truly Mutual
  • Forecasting framework - how to make your leadership feel confident in your deals


  • 1-hour session weekly for 8-weeks
  • 40-min of in-depth overview followed by 20-min of Q&A
  • You'll graduate with a certificate stating that you've completed the 8-week Salman's Sales Academy workshop


  • $999 USD, paid upfront (early bird special at $799 for a limited time)
  • Starts Thursday, November 10th @ 6pm EST. Weekly on Thursdays ending January 19th [no class on Nov. 24th, Dec.22nd and Dec.29th)
  • Once you purchase the program, you'll receive an email with confirmation as well as the calendar invites for all 8 sessions.
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8-week Sales cohort where I’ll be going through my entire Sales playbook. Starts Nov.10th. To help you find more deals, close more deals, make more money and accelerate your Sales trajectory. I’ll be sharing everything from strategic prospecting, discovery and deal strategy.


Salman Sales Academy - 8-week program

0 ratings
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